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BizXtend is an explicit lending tool that has spread its wings across

  • Business Correspondents
  • Small Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Microfinance Institutions
  • Payment Banks
  • Small Banks


Regional Languages

LANGUAGES HAVE NO BARRIERS! The multi-lingual user screen makes it easy and readable for one and all.

Auto SMS

The auto SMS feature enables the client to read the details as per his/her preferred language.

Offline/Online mode

The unique feature of the offline/online mode makes it convenient for users without having to worry about their data connection.

Mobile/ Tabs

The field staff has the advantage of using their mobiles or tabs on the offline mode. Isn’t that convenient?

The BizXtend software is designed in such way that it can store and forward data, enables UPI supported repayments, event log and audit trails are taken care of with ease.

Supported Business Models:
A Litle Insight into Them

Micro Enterprise Lending

A simple way to provide small loans to individuals rather than depending on banks or credit unions.

Micro Housing Finance

This model works well for lower income households. Its objective is to provide housing finance for people with income levels that do not suffice for loans.

Educational Loans

This model helps students to complete his/her education by availing loans. In this long term loan process, the repayments differ until the education has completed by the student.

Individual Lending

Microfinance in particular pertains to joint liabilities of group members. However some institutions offer individual loans rather than group loans.

A Quick Overview of The Main Components

Software Components

  • Mobile
  • Web Module
  • Data synchronization engine
  • Cash flow templates
  • Credit scoring templates

Solution Components

  • LOS

    This feature keeps the lender in control and works with what the lender already has. LOS generally makes the lenders change their existing policies and how the way they work.

  • LMS

    An LMS is an easy way to track the trainee’s progress. The banking employee’s performance is monitored and analysed.

  • Accounting

    This is a simple process in managing financial transactions, grouping them by category and finally summarizing them for a certain period of time.

Loan Process: A Straight forward One!

  • Customer’s basic identification details such as the Adhaar code and e-KYC code get integrated which is supported by both, biometric and Iris scanning system.
  • Next the customer’s business data is collected in order to get a detailed picture into his/her occupation or business.
  • The customer’s character, capital, capacity and credit history is taken into consideration.
  • Followed by an on sight CB check which determines your credit score.
  • Configurable cash flow analysis is done by the concerned team that further supports various business models with loan applications.
  • The manager on duty does a complete house, business and reference verification.
  • Later The field operations are complete with the help of a tab/mobile.

Credit Scoring Engine...
As Effective as It Can Get

  • The credit scoring engine has an extremely flexible credit scoring module where the input data parameters are as per the business model. A multilevel data score points helps in covering the customer’s character, capital, credit and capacity along with the business information.
  • The data sanctity is well preserved with the support of the cash flow emplates.
  • Up to three levels the customer can define the category, weightage, parameter and scoring points.
  • The desired output metrics can be either user configured or system defined.
  • It is easy and simple to maintain cash flow templates that are supported by detailed and flexible analysis.

Loan Process: A Straight forward One!

  • Configuring the parameters pertaining to loan product management.
  • There are 2 stages for loan approval: The maker- checker progress and then the work flow.
  • Loan management is incomplete without covering the loan life cycle.
  • EWI/EMI calculators: This helps you to calculate the amount you need to pay against your existing loan per month.
  • Reschedule/Reconstruct loans/top up loans: You can reschedule a loan with a new loan after replacing the outstanding balance on an older loan. On the other hand, a top up loan helps you to borrow a certain amount of money over your home loan.
  • Pre-closure / writing off loans: Bad debt is written off that is declared non collectable. Similarly pre-closure of a loan implies to an early closure of a loan in part or in full.

Accounting: An Arduous Task Indeed

  • A custom chart of accounts is created. Here an advanced customizable event based -automated portfolio voucher is created for financial accounts.
  • Flexible and configurable accounting rules are followed.
  • Manual journal entries are supported with precision.
  • Drill down views on the customers and loans.
  • MIS reporting is an important aspect of accounting.


  • An important advantage to this tool is that it can get integrated to multiple banks.
  • Mobility can be implemented as separate or individual modules with the help of existing systems.
  • Auto e-mailing of reports to clients, banks, operations team and senior management department depending on events.
  • The brilliant yet convenient multi-lingual SMS integration on pre and post disbursement adds a feather to his feature.
  • Determining different credit scores for varied customers is another prominent advantage.


  • DATA CENTER HOSTING: is the process of deploying and hosting a data centre on a third-party or external service provider's infrastructure.
  • SERVERS HARDWARE: The biggest changes to hardware in a SaaS model take place in the server closet.
  • OPERATING SYSTEM LICENSES: Allows you to track any operating system licenses you've purchased for your Windows computers.
  • Server network/firewall/Antivirus: A network server is a computer system, which is used as the central repository of data and various programs that are shared by users in a network. Anti-virus is designed to detect and destroy computer viruses.
  • Server maintenance: Server maintenance is process of keeping server software updated so that a computer network can function smoothly and avoid any kind of loss of data.
  • The other related services are Application administration services, performance tuning that go hand in hand in keeping the information up to date.
  • DBA SERVICE; The DBA role is divided into three major activities: ongoing maintenance of production databases, planning, design, and development of new database applications.
  • System administration services: System administration is a job done by IT experts for an organization. The job is to make sure those computer systems and services are working well and are up to date.
  • Bug fixing: A bug fix is a change to a system or product designed to handle a programming bug.
  • New releases: Any new release or update is looked into in detail.